Domestic Violence Services of Southwestern PA

Domestic Violence Services of Southwestern PA (DVSSP) serves victims of domestic violence in Washington, Greene and Fayette counties in Pennsylvania.

DVSSP strives to:

  • Increase Awareness
  • Empower Victims
  • Work for Change

The vision of Domestic Violence Services of Southwestern PA is to be part of a community in which domestic and partner violence is eradicated FOR everyone, BY everyone.

The mission of Domestic Violence Services of Southwestern PA is to increase awareness of domestic violence and its effect on the community, to empower those victimized by providing advocacy and safe and effective services, and to work for social change designed to eliminate domestic violence.

Demonstrating the highest standards of integrity while treating all persons with respect and consideration regardless of race, color, age, gender, religious creed, ancestry, national origin, handicap or disability, marital or family status, or sexual orientation, in fulfillment of our mission Domestic Violence Services of Southwestern PA will:

  • Develop and facilitate relevant community education, intervention, and prevention programs for adults and youth of all ages;
  • Offer advocacy with community resources, in addition to shelter, counseling, and meaningful support services designed to empower survivors to make their own informed choices;
  • Advocate for the rights of victims while actively working to make positive changes in societal responses to domestic and partner violence.


  • (724) 223-9190 Washington County
  • (724) 852-2463 Greene County
  • (724) 439-9500 Fayette County
  • -OR- (800) 791-4000

Demi Brae Cuccia Awareness Foundation

Demi was brutally murdered in August 2007 by her ex-boyfriend just one day after celebrating her 16th birthday. My daughter was an exceptionally beautiful young lady with a contagious smile, charming personality and a compassionate, spiritual soul. Her death has broken me beyond repair.

The horrific and unimaginable tragedy that struck our lives and violently ended Demi’s life is today a rapidly growing dangerous epidemic permeating our society.

My mission will be to educate our youth, parents, communities and educational system about the dangers of teen dating violence.

Demi is loved, missed and adored by so many. This organization was founded to honor her memory. Visit to learn more.

Amelia attends Dr. Gary Cuccia’s presentation on Dating Violence Awareness at Shenango High School, New Castle, Pennsylvania


From left to right: Dr. Gary Cuccia and Amelia Williams

Standing Firm

Standing Firm alerts employers to the financial, safety and human costs of partner violence on the workplace and workforce and arms them with tools for taking effective organizational action.

There is a business case to support the idea that employers have a crucial role to play in protecting the workplace from violence related to partner abuse and in improving productivity and worker health by addressing partner violence as a workforce issue. We hope regional employers will become motivated to:

RECOGNIZE partner violence as an issue with bottom line effects on company productivity and security.

RESPOND appropriately from a menu of action steps to initiate or upgrade policies, improve employee awareness, train managers and supervisors to intervene effectively, prepare security staff to recognize and respond to workplace threats from batterers, and other best practices actions.

Know how to REFER to existing community resources for services that the employer does not have the expertise or ability to provide.


From left to right: Amelia Williams Susan Nitzberg, Associate Director, Outreach, Standing Firm

Who’s Your Brother

Who’s Your Brother offers you the opportunity to use your talent, your resources, and a small amount of your time to brighten someone else’s day by meeting a need without the exchange of money. Likewise you too can be contacted by someone in your community who would appreciate the honor of meeting your need. Whether you are a local electrician who is volunteering a few hours to help a family with your expertise or a stay-at-home mom who extends a little help to a local family whose father was recently laid off from work, collectively we can solve a number of challenges together in the spirit of brotherhood.

WYB makes it easy to locate people who need assistance in the areas you are prepared to give through the use of our search engine which lists each post by category, city, zip code and even key phases.

So whether you have a need that can be fulfilled or you are eager to build up your community as you help your neighbor, let’s get started. It’s easy and best of all it’s free.

WYB does not support any political party or any candidate running for political office. In addition, WYB does not support nor is it supported by any single religious organization. Our goal is to bridge gaps and create connections across all divides including those found in the political and religious arenas.


Wadw Redcross – Who’s Your Brother, Founder


Debi Arnett – Advisor

Debi Arnett is the Allegheny County Director of the Women’s Small Business Association but she wears many hats in addition to that one. She is a wife of over 20 years and mother of one daughter. She works at spreading the word about the great things that Who’s Your Brother, the non profit that helps people help people in the Pittsburgh area, and it’s team members are doing. She is an event planner for the organization. She meets with business owners that want to sponsor WYB and help others and people in need of help each week. She takes in donated items and gets people signed up for the website as members. Learn more about Who’s Your Brother at



Pittsburgh, PA

From left to right: Wade Redcross, Founder, WYB; Jared Souder, Former Executive Director, Veterans Place; Donald Rindfuss, Homeless Veterans Day Program Manager; Amelia Williams, President and Founder, Ring of Hope Campaign; Debi Arnett, Business Development Manager, WYB