Ring of Hope Campaign is a community outreach initiative and does not generate profits. Our work operates solely on the support of organizations and individuals committed to spreading the cause of domestic violence awareness worldwide.

Amelia’s speech in loving memory of Karissa Kunco


Support Safelet & Wear A Bracelet

Safety is everybody’s business, so send a signal to stand firm and say NO MORE to violence!

No More

NO MORE is a media campaign between Pennsylvania Coalition Against Domestic Violence and the Pennsylvania Coalition Against Rape. Survivors in Silence contribute to society’s tolerance of domestic violence. NO MORE will survivors ever be silenced! NO MORE tolerance for domestic violence!”
– Amelia Williams


A Call To Men

A Call to Men is dedicated to creating a world where all men and boys are loving and respectful and where all women and girls are valued and safe.

The Ring of Hope Campaign™ encourages victims of domestic violence to step out of the darkness and into the light of recovery, surrounded by a circle of love, support and resources.

The Ring of Hope Campaign™ will align in equal partnership with nonprofits and organizations that are dedicated to raising domestic violence awareness. Participants in the campaign, including non-profits, clients, and domestic violence survivors will also be committed to spreading the awareness of the campaign to reach survivors locally, nationally, and worldwide.

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